Braids and blooms

This past month we had the pleasure of hosting The Petal Company at our establishment for a small gathering, it was a beautiful evening full of friends, food, and flowers! It was an event that was fun for ladies of all ages to come together, get their hair braided and make flower crowns.

As we all know flower crowns are sweeping the nation this very moment. From weddings to birthday parties, even to baby showers! A party of any kind can be topped off with the perfect flower crown accent. Right as our guests entered they saw our flower crown station, they were taught how to create their very own flower crowns with a wide array of different colors and styles. Perfect for hair of all colors and cuts!  

We also integrated our favorite Boho styles in braids and updos! Guests were shown to a styling station and one of our fabulous stylists finished them off with the perfect hair do to accent their newly made crowns. Creativity flowed, young and old alike left with the glow and confidence of a much needed salon visit. 

Over all it was a night of fun had by everyone, from groups of young ladies on a girls night out, to mothers and daughters looking for a fun new activity. Coming together as a community and meeting new faces is something we truly enjoy here at House of Cabelo! 

Keep an eye out for updates on our next flower party; taking place on October 28th, we are going to be getting in tune with our spookier side here at the house. Dia De Los Muertos face painting and of course, more flower crowns! 

Much love to our vendors of the night:

The Petal Company

The Tipsy Cakery

Danielle Poff 


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Prevent sun damage to your hair now that things are really heating up! We are all aware that the sun causes harm to our skin and that spf (sun protectant factor) is a must but what about your hair? Your hair is at risk of fading color, split ends, becoming dry/ brittle and losing shine and bounce. This is all caused by prolonged exposure to the sun breaking down the hairs protein (keratin). Those uva and uvb rays have the power to damage the cuticle (outside layer of a single hair strand) to inner structure of the hair. Ultra violet rays can also break down the chemical bonds found in the makeup of color causing fading.

Here are some helpful ways to be sure your hair looks great, feels great and stays healthy while enjoying the outdoors…

  1. Prior to going into direct sunlight spray your hair with a leave in conditioner.
  2. Prior to enjoying a day at the pool wet your hair with a non chlorinated water. Your hair will soak up healthy moisture rather than the chlorine drying it out. 
  3. Allow your hair to air dry once in a while. Using those hot tools along with the dry weather will help assist in the damage. 
  4. Be sure to keep up with your haircuts.
  5.  Accessorize with hats and hair wraps.
  6. Switch your shampoo and conditioner appropriate to the season.
  7. Visit your stylist for professional treatments every few weeks.
  8. Consult with your stylist for the products that best suit your level of dryness. 
  9. Always keep a deep conditioner in your shower and use it once a week. 
  10. Drink water! Stay hydrated!