For the Love of Hair

As every year progresses with an unpredictable turn of events, so it has been here at House of Cabelo. With the move from First Street to our beautiful new location on Saint Mary’s Street, has come growth and a multiplying staff. With change always comes adjustment, but during this time we could not be more grateful for our loyal clients and friends. We could never have made it this far without them. 

Our new location is such a huge blessing for all of us here at House of Cabelo. It is in a prime location just off of main street in Pleasanton with an abundance of foot traffic that our old location lacked. The influx of new clients has been humbling and exciting. The new look of our business has been something we’ve very much enjoyed as well. Our brand has evolved along with us in the elegant redesign of the website and workspace. The larger work space has allowed us to be more involved in the community, hosting events and meeting other businesses. We strive to create lasting realtionships.

Since our move we have expanded our retail selection as well. We now proudly offer Oribe haircare and we are loving it. The line of products they have created is both sophisticated and effective. It has enabled us to offer the higher end to our clients and moved us up in the ever changing industry of hair care and color.  

Our clients are our life blood and source of inspiration in this creative environment. Our stylists come in contact with people of every lifestyle and trade which gives them a perspective few of them would have without this career. Every day they are motivated to be inspired as their clients give them the reins to create new looks. It doesn’t always go as planned but our stylists have learned to adapt and take note of their clients' ultimate needs.

At House of Cabelo we pride ourselves in a luxurious personal experience for each guest. Our excellent customer service encourages our clients to find the perfect stylist for their ever-evolving needs. Every one of our stylists offers their own style and individuality, which equips us to offer a wide range of customized services to fit the needs of each client. With the structure of our level system it offers availability in pricing and convenience. Our team environment allows our clients to be comfortable seeing any stylist without hesitation.

We are forever grateful to our growing staff and clientele, they are the heart and soul of House of Cabelo.