cuts for a cure

Meet Christopher, a gregarious friend, a supportive brother and loving son. His smile is contagious that lights up a room and is one of the most positive people we know. He enjoys the outdoors, yoga, walking, swimming and laughing every chance he gets. 

Christopher's journey began one and a half months before his diagnosis when he started experiencing strange symptoms: flu's, fever's, night sweat's, neuropathy (tingly feeling in his hands and feet), numbness in his jaw, joint pain in his arm and knees, molar pain and moving chest pain that started on the right side of his chest to the left side over the course of 1 week. He had seen a couple of doctors where each and every one of them offered the same diagnosis, that it was just the flu. 

Weeks after receiving his blood test results he was urged by a close friend to see a doctor do to a result that was overlooked (an elevated white blood count level of 47,000). Three hours after checking into the Emergency Room he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia also known as (ALL) Philadelphia Chromosome Positive on February 19, 2016 at the age of 32. February 19 was exactly one month before he and his partner were going to exchange their vows in Puerto Rico. After eight long rounds of aggressive Hyper-CVAD chemotherapy, he was in complete medical remission. Soon after getting the news he was in full medical remission he thought his cancer journey had ended, until he was urged to get a bone marrow consultation by a handful of doctors. 


It was until the bone marrow consultation, where he was told he needed a transplant because it would be tricky to treat the Philadelphia Chromosome Positive while on chemotherapy maintenance for the next few years. Three months after the bone marrow consultation he was told he matched with 1 person out of 25 Million bone marrow volunteers in the international marrow donor registry. The volunteer matched him 10/10, which is rare for a minority/Hispanic in the registry. The news was life changing. Two months after receiving the news, he was given a transplant date: Friday, March 17, which begins a new chapter in his journey. 

Please join us on Sunday, April 2 from 10am - 4pm at House Of Cabelo for a Cut-A-Thon! House Of Cabelo will be offering dry cuts, beard trims and braids for a suggested donation of $35. The event is benefiting the RiosStrongFoundation and the Leukemia Lymphoma Society. House Of Cabelo will also be hosting a bone marrow drive to save others who are trying to survive this terrible disease. Hope you all can make it!

Love is in the Hair

For some of us Valentines day is a romantic occasion, while for others it's just another day of the week. This year, why not make it a fun occasion either way? Our girls spent a beautiful and fun day on the roof top of Anthropologie Walnut Creek to celebrate their Galentines! this day isn't just for significant others, it's celebrating all those special people in your life. We're here to keep you fabulous no matter where you go on Valentines!

Too acheive this look follow our steps below!

You will need: clear plastic hair ties, Death Valley dry shampoo, and a curling iron or flat iron depending on preffered curling method.

1. Our first step was to use clip in or halo extensions for fullness and length, but this is optional.

2. We made sure our model had second day hair for optimum curl hold, if you are beginning with clean hair we suggest using a texturizing spray or dry shampoo. our favorites are Death Valley dry shampoo by R+Co or Dry Texturizibng Spray either by Oribe or Davines.

3. Curl entire head of hair and use Death Valley dry shampoo by R+co for texture and volume.

4. Choose your best side and pull all hair that way.

5. Split hair into two even sections.

6. Fish tail braid both sections. For those of us who need some direction for more advanced braids our friends over at Three Bird Nest have a great tutorial for Fish tail braids Here.

7. Use your clear plastic pony to tie the ends of both braids together. Gently pull on braid in both directions for style purposes if you desire more of a bohemian look as we see here. 

8. Enjoy your Valentines!

Check out our vendors from the shoot and give them some love!

Tables and Chair: Pleasanton Rentals

Florals: The Petal Company

Apparel: Three Bird Nest

Setting: Anthropologie Walnut Creek

Deserts: The Tipsy Cakery

Photography: Danielle Poff


We here at house of cabelo often find ourselves lost in the chaos of life and forget what the goal truly is. Where do we find peace and what is the root of being happy? It can’t be getting lost in the hustle and bustle of societal standards. Sometimes the answer to finding that inner peace and happiness is found in being still. Focusing on your current state of mind and how you’ve gotten to where you are. We live in a world that is constantly changing, it's time to slow down, stop waiting for what is next, and focus on what is here now.  

It is time to begin to thinking about your own life, the root of your happiness and where it lies in your life now. Is it in relaxation? Reading a good book? Spending time with family? Taking the time to think about these things enables you to find your wellness and peace of mind. Wellness begins with your own person, what you’ve done for yourself to achieve that happy mindset.

One source defines happiness as a mental or emotional state of wellbeing defined by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. Happy mental states may also reflect judgements by a person about over all wellbeing.

Do something for You this year, let us help.Wether it be a dramatic color change, new cut, or just something subtle that makes you feel fresh. Sometimes the answer is as simple as a new shampoo. We offer a large range of high end haircare for every hair type and all your styling needs. All our stylists here at house of cabelo are dedicated to the art of their trade and execute with the clients desires in mind. This year, do something for you, indulge in the luxury that we offer and come visit the house today!

Check out some of our favorite home care items below!

the ones we love

Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo $44






Davines Forming Pomade $32

Tribe Run Through Detangling Primer $36


Davines Blow-dry Primer $34

For the Love of Hair

As every year progresses with an unpredictable turn of events, so it has been here at House of Cabelo. With the move from First Street to our beautiful new location on Saint Mary’s Street, has come growth and a multiplying staff. With change always comes adjustment, but during this time we could not be more grateful for our loyal clients and friends. We could never have made it this far without them. 

Our new location is such a huge blessing for all of us here at House of Cabelo. It is in a prime location just off of main street in Pleasanton with an abundance of foot traffic that our old location lacked. The influx of new clients has been humbling and exciting. The new look of our business has been something we’ve very much enjoyed as well. Our brand has evolved along with us in the elegant redesign of the website and workspace. The larger work space has allowed us to be more involved in the community, hosting events and meeting other businesses. We strive to create lasting realtionships.

Since our move we have expanded our retail selection as well. We now proudly offer Oribe haircare and we are loving it. The line of products they have created is both sophisticated and effective. It has enabled us to offer the higher end to our clients and moved us up in the ever changing industry of hair care and color.  

Our clients are our life blood and source of inspiration in this creative environment. Our stylists come in contact with people of every lifestyle and trade which gives them a perspective few of them would have without this career. Every day they are motivated to be inspired as their clients give them the reins to create new looks. It doesn’t always go as planned but our stylists have learned to adapt and take note of their clients' ultimate needs.

At House of Cabelo we pride ourselves in a luxurious personal experience for each guest. Our excellent customer service encourages our clients to find the perfect stylist for their ever-evolving needs. Every one of our stylists offers their own style and individuality, which equips us to offer a wide range of customized services to fit the needs of each client. With the structure of our level system it offers availability in pricing and convenience. Our team environment allows our clients to be comfortable seeing any stylist without hesitation.

We are forever grateful to our growing staff and clientele, they are the heart and soul of House of Cabelo. As a reminder we offer an ongoing refferal program, invite friends and family to the salon and they will get $20 off their first visit and you will receive $20 off your next service as a thank you. 

Braids and blooms

This past month we had the pleasure of hosting The Petal Company at our establishment for a small gathering, it was a beautiful evening full of friends, food, and flowers! It was an event that was fun for ladies of all ages to come together, get their hair braided and make flower crowns.

As we all know flower crowns are sweeping the nation this very moment. From weddings to birthday parties, even to baby showers! A party of any kind can be topped off with the perfect flower crown accent. Right as our guests entered they saw our flower crown station, they were taught how to create their very own flower crowns with a wide array of different colors and styles. Perfect for hair of all colors and cuts!  

We also integrated our favorite Boho styles in braids and updos! Guests were shown to a styling station and one of our fabulous stylists finished them off with the perfect hair do to accent their newly made crowns. Creativity flowed, young and old alike left with the glow and confidence of a much needed salon visit. 

Over all it was a night of fun had by everyone, from groups of young ladies on a girls night out, to mothers and daughters looking for a fun new activity. Coming together as a community and meeting new faces is something we truly enjoy here at House of Cabelo! 

Keep an eye out for updates on our next flower party; taking place on October 28th, we are going to be getting in tune with our spookier side here at the house. Dia De Los Muertos face painting and of course, more flower crowns! 

Much love to our vendors of the night:

The Petal Company

The Tipsy Cakery

Danielle Poff 


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Need Some Hair Inspiration?

Hello Cabelo cuties, I'm wondering if any of you are struggling to find inspiration for you summer makeover?  

Have you been searching for that perfect new look?  Do you desire that perfect fishbone braid that screams summer.  Are you ever getting the Psst!!! looks like you already added this on Pinterest.  Let me guess your thumbs are sore from scrolling on Instagram?  

Well guess what we have good news.  We found this awesome website and we had to share. It's filled with How To's, Inspiration, tools, and tips from Jen Atkin, Tracey Cunningham, George Papanikolas and many many more celeb stylist.  These folks are responsible for most of Hollywoods, hair color, cuts,transformations, styling, red carpet looks, and that killer pony tail.  Please check this out and bring in some hair inspo to your next salon visit. Have your stylist give you your best summer look.

Summer trends are screaming color right now from bright neons to pastel cotton candy, and even silver granny hair.

Braids, braids, braids, can't go wrong with one of these if it's for your wedding or a cute way to grow out those bangs this is your go to summer style. If you aren't into technology no problem you may find your hair inspo in anything from the sunset, music, fashion, travel, or your moms' prom pictures. Where ever you find inspiration let it be apart of your hair journey, don't be afraid of change.   I think being a visual person I gravitate towards pictures however I'm always wondering is that hairstyle suitable for me?  Is that  color to wild?  Can my face pull off a fringe?  Do I like that hair or is it the super cute twenty-five year old smiling back at me.  What I have found to be best is to try something new twice a year.   We know what we like however we need the stylist to be honest and realistic about what will look good on us.  So I guess I don't get to have screaming blue hair with baby bangs?  This doesn't mean you cant especially if that is what suits you.  Remember pictures are great references it doesn't mean you have to commit to the whole look.  You may find you really like the color but not the style.  Or you love the silver hair but still want it to be wearable.  Here is some examples of how you can take the summer's hottest trends in a subtle way.  

Check out these two Cabelo cuties on their blog: Hello Mrs. blog

Photo Credit Danielle Poff Photography

THE BEAUTY Blog is live!


At House of Cabelo we've been anxiously awaiting our new redesign of our company and brand new site this summer. We are so proud to announce that as of today, we are up & running! 




Prevent sun damage to your hair now that things are really heating up! We are all aware that the sun causes harm to our skin and that spf (sun protectant factor) is a must but what about your hair? Your hair is at risk of fading color, split ends, becoming dry/ brittle and losing shine and bounce. This is all caused by prolonged exposure to the sun breaking down the hairs protein (keratin). Those uva and uvb rays have the power to damage the cuticle (outside layer of a single hair strand) to inner structure of the hair. Ultra violet rays can also break down the chemical bonds found in the makeup of color causing fading.

Here are some helpful ways to be sure your hair looks great, feels great and stays healthy while enjoying the outdoors…

  1. Prior to going into direct sunlight spray your hair with a leave in conditioner.
  2. Prior to enjoying a day at the pool wet your hair with a non chlorinated water. Your hair will soak up healthy moisture rather than the chlorine drying it out. 
  3. Allow your hair to air dry once in a while. Using those hot tools along with the dry weather will help assist in the damage. 
  4. Be sure to keep up with your haircuts.
  5.  Accessorize with hats and hair wraps.
  6. Switch your shampoo and conditioner appropriate to the season.
  7. Visit your stylist for professional treatments every few weeks.
  8. Consult with your stylist for the products that best suit your level of dryness. 
  9. Always keep a deep conditioner in your shower and use it once a week. 
  10. Drink water! Stay hydrated!