Natural Beaded Row Hair Extensions

It's no secret, long hair is gorgeous and desirable. But let’s face it most of us over the age of 14 can’t grow Pinterest worthy hair. If it’s genetic, health related, over processed or just a bad haircut we need an assist. The good news is with Natural Beaded Row hair extensions you can have the hair of your dreams.

We have 5 certified NBR artist on our team. We are proud to announce Erica will be headed down to Laguna Beach Ca. to shadow the inventor of this extraordinary extension method. She will be hands on with the Queen herself, Danielle K. White.

To learn more about this extension method, please visit:

(925) 426-1250 to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our artists.

Photo Credit: Megan Trant

Clothes Provided By: Girlfriends Boutique

Model: Brooke Moore

NBR By: Erica Santos