Hair Extension Flow

What do extensions do for you besides length? How do you avoid damage? Is it right for me? Your hair extension questions answered!

Our salon offers a wide array of extension methods and looks for every desire and need. We offer tape-ins, keratin bonds, and sew in techniques. The best way to know what is best for your hair is always to come in for a consultation with one of our many certified stylists, until then we have some answers for you here! 

Our most popular extension method is our tape-ins. The hair extensions themselves have one inch strips of medical adhesive on the ends which your hair is then sandwiched between. Ideal for thinner hair due to the tape itself not putting as much weight on the hair. The hair is attached to your nape area and also around the face if desired, which can add fullness as well as length. Upkeep is as simple as blowdrying your hair after showers, wearing it up when you go to bed, and a salon visit every 6-8 weeks. This allows for our clients to have the look they desire no matter their length or natural hair texture!

We also offer keratin bond extensions. This method involves small wafts of hair with keratin bonds at the tip which are then bonded to your hair in various patterns to give fullness and length. Some hair is naturally thin or has been over process around the facial area and these extensions can aide the journey to a fuller look more seamlessly than other methods. These are easier to hide if updos are desired due to the size of the bonds. Upkeep consists of never leaving the hair wet for extensive periods of time, wearing it in braids to bed, and a salon visit every 3-4 months. Perfect for those who want extensions without constant in-salon upkeep! 

Our newest extension method is Natural Beaded Rows. It is a method we are excited to bring to the Bay Area through our owner Erica and stylist Adriana. Considered up and coming in the world of hair extensions, this method offers a less invasive feel and a seamless look. This gives you the ability to wear updos and not worry about the attachments showing through the hair. Upkeep requires a blow-dry after every shower, braids at night, and a salon visit every 6-8 weeks. 

All extensions we offer here at HOC are guaranteed to give you the confidence and results you are looking for! Suited to your specific needs we are here to help. If you are interested in any of our methods schedule a consultation today and one of our many qualified stylists can help you achieve the hair of your dreams!