Tuesday Transformation: Manbun and Beard Grooming Edition

Poor Diego. He is an actor and currently committed to a role that requires him to keep his hair long and his beard as grizzly as possible—no haircuts or beard trims allowed. Currently his sides are too short, the top too shaggy and the back way too long.

"I hate how I currently look—I feel like people see me and must judge me for looking like a bum."

Well Diego, if you are as committed to your role as you are to your hair, it's time to commit to some simplw hair hacks and beard grooming techniques once and for all!

Solution? First, using V76 Pomade create a sleek bunman to remove all that excess hair from his forehead area and secure with rubber bands. Then, a proper beard smoothing session is in order with a roundbrush, blowdryer and V76 Beard Oil to make his beard smooth and shiny, rather than grizzly and frizzy. 

The result? Diego, your fans are ready for you on and off the stage!

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