Need Some Hair Inspiration?

Hello Cabelo cuties, I'm wondering if any of you are struggling to find inspiration for you summer makeover?  

Have you been searching for that perfect new look?  Do you desire that perfect fishbone braid that screams summer.  Are you ever getting the Psst!!! looks like you already added this on Pinterest.  Let me guess your thumbs are sore from scrolling on Instagram?  

Well guess what we have good news.  We found this awesome website and we had to share. It's filled with How To's, Inspiration, tools, and tips from Jen Atkin, Tracey Cunningham, George Papanikolas and many many more celeb stylist.  These folks are responsible for most of Hollywoods, hair color, cuts,transformations, styling, red carpet looks, and that killer pony tail.  Please check this out and bring in some hair inspo to your next salon visit. Have your stylist give you your best summer look.

Summer trends are screaming color right now from bright neons to pastel cotton candy, and even silver granny hair.

Braids, braids, braids, can't go wrong with one of these if it's for your wedding or a cute way to grow out those bangs this is your go to summer style. If you aren't into technology no problem you may find your hair inspo in anything from the sunset, music, fashion, travel, or your moms' prom pictures. Where ever you find inspiration let it be apart of your hair journey, don't be afraid of change.   I think being a visual person I gravitate towards pictures however I'm always wondering is that hairstyle suitable for me?  Is that  color to wild?  Can my face pull off a fringe?  Do I like that hair or is it the super cute twenty-five year old smiling back at me.  What I have found to be best is to try something new twice a year.   We know what we like however we need the stylist to be honest and realistic about what will look good on us.  So I guess I don't get to have screaming blue hair with baby bangs?  This doesn't mean you cant especially if that is what suits you.  Remember pictures are great references it doesn't mean you have to commit to the whole look.  You may find you really like the color but not the style.  Or you love the silver hair but still want it to be wearable.  Here is some examples of how you can take the summer's hottest trends in a subtle way.  

Check out these two Cabelo cuties on their blog: Hello Mrs. blog

Photo Credit Danielle Poff Photography