Laura is a friendly smile you’ll meet when arriving to House of Cabelo, she is our managing director. She is a graduate from Saint Mary’s college and believes in exceptional guest service. Laura is one of six girls and is a master at reading your needs and truly understands people. She specializes in guest relations and will make sure all your needs are taken care of. She can be reached 925.426.1250 or Feel free to contact her for any of your questions or needs.


Q. What is the one product you can’t simply live without?

A. Coppola Keratin. It’s a smoothing treatment I receive every 4 months. It smooths my frizzies and dries my hair in no time.

Q. What is something quirky about yourself?

A. I have loved the Beatles since I was 7.

Q. Where is your favorite place?

A. I adore Montmartre district in Paris. I feel like I’m Amelie while sipping my coffee.

Q. Where can you be found when you are not at HOC?

A. I love to travel or go to shows. I also love concerts and live music.

Q. What's your favorite food?

A. I love pizza, especially from Gay 90’s!