Danica specializes in color, cut, and hair extensions. She feels that she cannot only change outer beauty but inner beauty as well, by a snip of a shear or a stroke of a brush. Working behind the chair allows danica to let her creative spark show. Danica is experienced in wedding and special event styling. She loves a boho down-do as well as the tousled up-do’s. She admires the relationships and bonds she can create with her clients. Danica says her clients give her the chance to smell the roses in this busy life we are living in. 


Q. What’s your favorite product?

A. I cannot live without Davines Sea Salt Spray for my silky straight hair to have some grab texture & volume. You always want what you dont have ;)

Q. What is your most prized possession?

A. My most prized possession is my family! Zachary and littles Kaylor, Preston, and Olivia. Without them I couldn't call our house a home.

Q. Where is your happy place?

A. Anywhere near the water and sun - ocean, lake, river, waterfall, you name it! 

Q. What’s your favorite food?

A. When it comes to food I love every type! If it's weird I'll try anything once.

Q. Where can you be found if you're not at the salon?

A. I'll take a spontaneous adventure over a planned weekend anyday :) just live in the moment!